Elementary Mathematics Tuition
for Primary 6 to Secondary 5

Is your child struggling with Mathematics? “Maths is the only subject where you can score full marks” is often heard but rarely seen. LTC’s Ace Your Mathematics programme has been proven to improve students’ Maths results by 3-4 grades alhamdulillah! Excelling in Mathematics is NEVER difficult. Your child only needs to know a very simple 4-step method in solving any Math question.

1) Analyse the question & determine its topic
2) Write down ALL the formulas related to that topic
3) Understand the question & underline/note down the KEYWORDS given in the question
4) Apply the formulas using the clues or information noted down

Enroll your child into our programme to master the application of the 4-step method by our qualified & experienced tutors. As the saying goes “Practise makes Perfect!” And this is EXACTLY the key to success in Mathematics!

Why LTC?

  • Classes will be conducted in a group of Maximum 8 students so as to assure Tutor’s COMPLETE attention to every student in the class

  • Lessons will be conducted by Highly Experienced Full-time tutors & also current School Teachers

  • Recitation of supplication(doa) will be done before & after lesson to instil in child that the Ultimate Success in everything they do comes ONLY from Allah swt

Subjects Offered


Standard Monthly Tuition Fees for ALL levels Primary 6 to O Levels

$160 per subjectmonthly
  • One month refundable deposit based on subjects selected required
  • $20 materials fee (every 6 months)