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Why Lighthouse?

Its really worth going for this Madrasah as I have indeed learned a lot.. It really broadened my knowledge and both Ustaz Yunus and Ustaz Asyraf had made the lesson forever great and easy to understand.. An experience which we can hardly achieved for those working shift… Thank you Ustaz and his staff for giving me the opportunity to go for the Madrasah as I am working shift and its hard to find classes which really suit me… Even if u missed the class.. There are other days which u can make up for it..

Ps.. This is my honest and humble thoughts.. Thank you both Ustaz for the forever enriching knowledge you have thought me and may Allah reward you and your staff for the great knowledge which you had imparted to all the students. Ameen

Irfan Dhia Iman
Enrolled in the Adult Madrasah 2014 intake. Ustaz Yunus and Ustaz Asyraf are extremely knowledgeable and present their ideas in coherent and comprehensive ways. Classes are truly enjoyable and I look forward to attending every week, especially since I have learnt so much and it has impacted my life in a great way. Highly recommended for knowledge seekers who also need flexibility in days to attend classes. Thumbs up!
Mdm Widyawilis Selamat
Thank you for your guidance in reigniting and restarting my reading and learning journey after a very long hiatus. With your dedication, patience and flexi-time arrangement, learning the Al Quran is made relatively easier and more convenient for students who are working irregular hours.
Mdm Faridah Ishak
Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah. I am very proud of what Lighthouse Tuition Centre has to offer to the society — providing fine education and knowledge (`Ilmu) to everyone and anyone regardless of age, race or gender — benefiting all fiid-diinii wad-dunya wal-aakhirah (in the aspects of religion, as well as for this world and for the hereafter). Aameen, inshaa Allah.

May Allah `azza wa jall preserve this centre and reward the entire team behind it, each and every member who plays a part in its maintaining and facilitating the programmes that they conduct. Aameen, Allahumma Ameen

Mdm Noor Aljufry
Alhamdulillah…berkat kesabaran ustaz2 di sana….saya dan isteri sudah boleh membaca ayat Al Quran….shukuran
Mr Mohamad Nasir Ahmad